Sunday, January 29, 2012

Spotlight Photos - Delicate

What a great variety of responses we had this week to the theme of "delicate."   It made me see the word in many new ways. 

Ginger's documentary of falling houses

It didn't seem delicate at first but then I saw behind the pictures, how nature gives us the delicate infrastructure of our planet and we often don't pay attention to it when we build on it.  And pay the price later. 

Queenmother's delicate Ethiopian necklace

The delicate circle of relationships and human diversity.  I will never really understand war. 

Dawn trader came through with a beautiful ship model

Ranu's jellyfish

And Tin's delicate seeds

Okay, and finally I will bend to the kind suggestions of some of  you who asked that I spotlight one of mine...


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Friday My Town Shoot Out for 1/27: Delicate

Delicate: Show us the delicate side of town! 
The dancers, the flowers, architectural ornaments..that is our subject this week:)

Monday, January 23, 2012

Spotlight Photos - GLASS

Great theme, great has been an absolute joy to go through everyone's photos this week.  Not quite so much fun having to cut down the number of shots for the spotlight to six. 

Yes, I know that I could break that rule I've set for myself.  Bagman breaks rules on my blog all the time.  But if  I post seven then why not eight?  Or twenty eight? 

By the way, you are all welcome to vote!  Not that this is a strictly democratic process.  Rebecca, for instance, voted that I post one of mine, but as the Spotlight Despot (say that three times fast), I vetoed it.  I enjoy spotlighting others more. 

So, jumping right in:

Ranu's excellent glass with light and shadows.

Queen Mother's stained glass
I was torn between this and her glass necklace

Jama's "House of Glass" art institute
Hooray for architects who think outside the box!

Dawn Treader's Glassmaster's House
Nice photoshopping
And I also was struck by documenting the process as well as the result

Ginger - the studio where her fascinating windows were made
Welcome back, Ginger!  Keep shooting!

And J9's mosaic ball!

And that makes six.  However, I am going to cheat a little bit with a verbal spotlight -- Rebecca had some fascinating stain glass windows from St. Mary's castle.  But she does an awesome job of protecting the copyright by making it impossible to simply cut and paste them.   But you can see them by linking here. 

And that makes 6 1/2.  

Next week's theme is "Delicate."    I can't wait. 

Well, actually, I can wait.  I have to.  It's only Monday.    Have a prolific and delicate week.


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Friday My Town Shoot Out for 1/20: Glass

January 20 - Glass: Interesting Windows, Unique Displays, Beautiful Collections...what glassy things can you find to share from your town?

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Spotlight Photos - Arms and Legs

Time to roll up the sleeves on my arms and post this week's Spotlight Photos.  I'm working alone this morning.  Bagman is on vacation on a Cruiseship somewhere dancing the nights away.  Butler is in the corner exploring the innards of interface and internet trying to figure out why we couldn't seem to pull up Elaine's post at The Scattering.  I'm sure it was great and sorry not to be able to see it. 

But we had a very large selection this week to begin with - 13 entries for Friday the 13th.  A real armful requiring lots of legwork to pull out some for the spotlight.   So without further puns, we have:

He can lie all he wants - I'm not challenging him!
Puppet on steroids!

I could do this as long as I didn't have to go in the water. 

The color on the left hand mesmerizes me

(Check out all three versions on the site)

Everybody say, "Awwwwwwww."

Everybody say, "Aweeeeeee," again.

I've promised myself to stay under 6 shots.  Otherwise I'd just post everything!  What a talented bunch of people come here weekly! 

Next week the theme is "GLASS."   

Monday, January 9, 2012

Spotlight Photos - Music

First of all, I'm stuck with that old song "Spotlight on James Brown, Y'all" running through my head and Bagman is dancing. 

But that doesn't stop Butler from picking his first Spotlight picture for this week:

From Kerry whose blog included her musical husband's hands

BAGMAN (stops dancing to complain): "I thought we were going to use the jazzy motion picture of them playing!"

BUTLER: "I liked the precision of this, the lines of the strings, the close focus, the composition. And speaking of composition...:

From J9 

Bagman runs over and posts his picks:

The talented Jessica from Ann Chin 

I'd love to hear the music coming from this group caught by Jama.

And I had a similar pick -- With "Spotlight on James Brown, Y'all" still running in my head, I'm dying to hear a different kind of music.

Like these masters from Ranu
Ranu was kind enough to link some audio with his pictures so I could listen.

And I can pretty much imagine what this cute duet sounds like!
From Pauline

It was a true symphony of different sounds and images this week.  Music for the eyes!

And one housekeeping reminder: The Mr. Linky site has been retired.  Links now appear right here on this Friday My Town Shootout site.  It makes it easier to post and easier to review.  

We'll see you next week when the theme will be "Arms and Legs." 

BAGMAN: "Whoo hoo!!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Friday My Town Shoot Out for 1/3: Music

This weeks theme is..musical places around your town..where do you go to hear music!! Yup..will be posting here from now head this way! Have a great week all, Sarah

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Spotlight Photos - The End of the Year / Favorites

Bagman, Butler and I are honored that Rebecca has given us the job of periodically posting the spotlight photos.  I am also relieved that these are "Spotlight" photos and not "Winning" photos because I avoid the role of judge as much as possible.   Just thinking about it has prompted me toward a possible blog on judgement.  To me, every photo posted is a winner and I love them all.  But since the spotlight is not infinited, I'll enjoy picking ones that strike my fancy for one reason or another.   Rebecca can always fire me.  And besides, I do have Bagman and Butler to help me which reduces the pressure.

So last week was the end, and or favorite memories, or favorite photos...I love flexible themes.

And I loved Dawn Treader's duck's end because it made me laugh. 


And from Pauline in the Paddock.  I started to pass this one up because I spend so much time with my granddaughter that the baby thing sometimes gets a bit old -- to be oxymoronic.  But Bagman and Butler insisted.  Bagman kind of liked this because babies are so cute and cuddly but Butler went nuts over it, exclaiming, "The textures, the soft muted light, the easy rolling curves of baby, blanket, couch.  And the histogram is to die for."

Jama's wedding shot got Bagman's nod because he loves to see happy people in love and this really captures a wonderful beginning.  A favorite memory.  A beginning and not an end -- although it could be seen as the end of waiting to be together.  

I couldn't resist this classic  "End of the snowman family" by Peggy the Queenmother Mamaw.  Inflatables end deflated.  (I've always wanted to go to wherever the balloons are deflated after the Macy's Parade).

And finally all three of us loved the sunset by E.G. Wow, because -- well -- it is a WOW.   

Those are the lighted spots.   I'll try to be less wordy next time.  But, of course, I will fail. 

Monday, January 2, 2012

Changes for the New Year! Authors Wanted!

Happy New Year 
to all of our FMTSO Friends!
We have some news to update you on.

Our administrator, 
 has requested to step down from her duties at FMTSO 
as she is hoping to take a little break from blogging. 
Thank you to Doreen for keeping things running for us, 
 for your time and efforts at FMTSO. 
Enjoy your downtime...
and we hope to see you here again when you are ready.

Rebecca will be assuming administrative duties.
Sarah will stay on as an author 
and the person posting the linky each week. 
We would like to add one or two people 
to help author Spotlight Photos each week.
Would you like to join the team?
Send Rebecca a message or 
leave a comment below. 

Recently, you may have noticed 
Sarah has had technical difficulties getting the linky page up. 
We apologize for the inconvenience. 
We are planning on migrating the linky page to our main blog in the future,
 that way any of the authors can help post the linky when needed.