Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Spotlight Photos - Fresh!


Meaning new to one's experience; not encountered before. Recently made, produced, or harvested; Free from impurity or pollution; pure. ( I will be showcasing these words with the photos )
 This was the challenge we had for last Friday's shoot out. As always, our shooters all did a fantastic job of finding photos of their towns using the theme of Fresh. We have a great group of photographers and I will add they all are very creative and inventive. Here are the Spotlight Photos for that shoot out.

Pauline - St. Barnabas Church. from one year to the next. what a difference a FRESH coat of paint makes. 

Ann - Dragon Fruit. I am sure not NEW to her but definitely NEW to many of us. and recently PRODUCED.

Gayla - Cathedral Rock. is this gorgeous and a sight to see or what? NEVER ENCOUNTERED BEFORE by many.

Heather - butterfly on shoulder. how exciting is this? very NEW TO ONE'S EXPERIENCE for sure.


This Friday the 29th our theme is the color Pink in your town. ( see previous post )

 and as always ...... HAPPY SHOOTING!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Member Voice - Pink in your Town

Our challenge for July 29th is Pink in your town. Right away I bet most are thinking of all the pink flowers to show us. FMTSO challenges you to NOT show any flowers. (unless on dish ware, towels, etc.) Really get out there and hunt for the pink in your town or the pink around your home. 



Monday, July 18, 2011

Spotlight Photos for the Letter B and Member Voice for Fresh

We are having a heat wave here in Michigan shooters! Right now at 12:52 it is 85 degrees with 77% humidity. That means the air is heavy enough to chew. 

 Spotlight Photos is no particular order. 

Tiffany - band

 Heather - bus and on the bus is advertised burgers

 JarieLyn - boys, blue, baseball cap and in the background Bank of America and a bat

 Kim - barn and baler

 Mark - bridge

I also noticed some "behinds" in a couple of pics.

This Friday our theme is Fresh. 

Meaning new to one's experience; not encountered before. Recently made, produced, or harvested; Free from impurity or pollution; pure. Many choices here for fresh. 

 Here is the definition of fresh from the online dictionary. 

fresh  (frsh)
adj. fresh·er, fresh·est
1. New to one's experience; not encountered before.
2. Novel; different: a fresh slant on the problem. See Synonyms at new.
3. Recently made, produced, or harvested; not stale or spoiled: fresh bread.
4. Not preserved, as by canning, smoking, or freezing: fresh vegetables.
5. Not saline or salty: fresh water.
6. Not yet used or soiled; clean: a fresh sheet of paper.
7. Free from impurity or pollution; pure: fresh air.
8. Additional; new: fresh evidence.
9. Bright and clear; not dull or faded: a fresh memory.
10. Having the glowing, unspoiled appearance of youth: a fresh complexion.
11. Untried; inexperienced: fresh recruits.
12. Having just arrived; straight: fashions fresh from Paris.
13. Revived or reinvigorated; refreshed: I was fresh as a daisy after the nap.
14. Fairly strong; brisk: a fresh wind.
15. Informal Bold and saucy; impudent.
16. Having recently calved and therefore with milk. Used of a cow.
17. Slang Excellent; first-rate.

Happy Shooting!!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Spotlight Photos ~ Small Medium Large ~

Last Friday was our official third scavenger hunt which was chosen by Kerry. Small / Medium / Large. 

 EG WOW wowed me with her choices to represent the theme. So fitting the theme and representing her area of this world. Go here to see her post and description of Canadian coins.

Canadian Penny / Small

 Canadian Quarter / Medium

 Canadian Toonie / Large

I have chosen to spotlight two of our shooters photos for the "all in one" shot of the hunt theme. And I am telling you, it was not easy for me to narrow it down to just two!! 

Jama - small / Flower Bunny - medium / Merlion Statue - large

 SS collection of rocks and stones. Now see if you can see what I did. Do you see a profile of a face on one of the stones?

 Another great hunt done by everyone!!

Just a bit of chit chat here. The theme for the next Friday is "The Letter B". 

 And I am wondering what to do with the member list on the FMTSO site. Many of the members listed there have not participated in quite a long time. Should I delete it entirely or try to update it with the recent shooters? Or if any of you have any ideas or solutions please suggest them. Thanks for any feedback. 


Friday, July 8, 2011

Member Voice for July 15 - The Letter B!

Hi Shooters!!

 For July 15th our theme is ......... "The Letter B in Your Town".

 I guess I can't say too much about that theme. Anything that starts with the letter B in your town.


Sunday, July 3, 2011

Spotlight Photos ~ Simplicity ~

Everyone did a great shoot out with this one. I had a very hard time narrowing down to just five Spotlight Photos. Reminder, see the previous post for Kerry's thoughts on our next Scavenger Hunt ~ Small ~ Medium ~ Large ~. I think this will be a fun one and to see all the different interpretations from our shooters.

I am not sure if I have chosen the photos correctly for Simplicity but did my best!

 Jama, the blue socks draw my attention and the angle of the boots.

Ann, love the slight shadow of her in the corner. My eyes focus on that.

Mark, the lines draw me in to the door at the end.

Tiffany, the stopped action of the water and the blurry background so I am focused on the spout of water.

Kerry, the boot and stirrup draw me in. My eyes are also drawn down the horses legs.

Have a great week ahead of HAPPY SHOOTING!!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Member Voice for our third FMTSO Scavenger Hunt!!

Our official third scavenger hunt (July 8) was suggested by Kerry ~ Small ~ Medium ~ Large ~.

A reminder of the guidelines for our scavenger hunts:
Guide Lines:
* straight out of the camera, no editing
* one photo per word
* three words for each hunt
* add a fourth photo if you can find all three hunt words in one (or just post this one photo)
* hunt area includes your town, surrounding areas, surrounding countryside

 Easy-peasy this week: (in her words)

Something small.
Something medium.
Something large.

Try not to confuse yourself like I just did when I thought about how size is a relative thing. But then I remembered this old ditty from Sesame Street, and it cheered me right up:

Oh, everything comes in its own special size
I guess it can be measured
By where you put your eyes
It's so big when you're close
It looks smaller back a bit
That's about the size of it

a pic by Kerry to demonstrate her thoughts